Questions To Consider

How our holistic therapies work

Questions to consider before you attend

  • Have you had a course of counselling or CBT and still find there has been little resolution or change in the way you had hoped?
  • Have you received little or no psychological support after a traumatic medical procedure?
  • What aspect of your life would you like addressed through sessions?
  • Do you have a habit or addiction that you just can’t seem to stop or shake off and feel it is now ruining your life and stopping you progress?
  • What do you feel you are tolerating or putting up with that bothers you?
  • Are you desperate to improve a relationship that is important to you but can’t see how to do it?
  • Is there some aspect of your life or your behaviour which you feel is holding you back from carrying out what you need to to progress? ie fear of public speaking, anxiety about moving house or having children.
  • How different would your life be if you could approach your chronic illness with a different view point and were therefore able to follow through on your goals?  How would it affect you if your primary carer could view your disability differently – would it enable them to enable you to achieve more in your life?
  • What regrets are you currently dealing with and how can you turn these regrets into a positive future?
  • What has low self-esteem or lack of confidence prevented you achieving?
  • What is your life’s purpose? What are you passionate about?
  • Do you feel torn between one option and another albeit with a relationship, career change, treatment options, family issues?
  • Are you fearful of giving birth and going into labour? Would you like to use hypnotherapy to calm and relax you to improve your birthing experience? Do you feel you had a traumatic birthing experience that you want to overcome? Alongside providing sessions for all these common areas of difficulty for women, Hannah also provides an on-call service for clients receiving hypnotherapy for their forthcoming birth / labour experience and some ladies request that Hannah is present at the delivery stage in order to talk through and provide hypnotherapy during the labour for the client as an addition or instead of other forms of pain relief. Please ask for more details, costs and the availability of the “on-call service”birthing experience that you want to overcome?.