How it works

The Holistic Practice Hampshire

The holistic practice is now certified to offer one to one or private group workshops on mindfulness skills training. Please contact us for more information.

The initial assessment session takes 2 hours.  All subsequent sessions gradually reduce in length from 2 hours down to 1 hour and occur at intervals determined by the individual’s needs and specific issues.  Included in the therapy programme is a weekly email to re-cap and self-driven homework tasks – this allows the practitioner to monitor progress and emotional state in between sessions.


All therapy sessions are conducted face to face, using phone and email contact as additional support.

All sessions are totally confidential, and run at a pace to suit the individual. The session format is to have a clear goal and end point, in order to empower the patient and provide a focus. All our clients leave the practice with the ability to face their future with effective, ingrained methods to problem solve on their own terms without the need to continually return to guided therapy sessions.

All initial sessions are held with Hannah Makin, in order to assess the specific needs of the client, and to structure the proceeding program of work with the relevant practitioners from start to finish.

By having an understanding and open outlook, yet remaining thorough and meticulous, Hannah attempts to instil quiet confidence in people. She works with patients using Psychological treatment approaches, hypnotherapy and / or Neuro-linguistic Programming as the primary formats.  Hannah works with her clients as the facilitator, to provide clients with a skill set that they can access throughout their lives in a stress-free way, feeling calm and in control.

Having said that, there are always limitations to the expertise of any practitioner, which is why the approach within the practice is one of referral where necessary. The result of this method is that all clients benefit from a holistic and balanced treatment process. The team will always recommend other therapists either within the practice or from our outer network, where it is evident the client needs one or more sessions with an additional practitioner who has a different skill set and area of expertise.

Issues Covered

Issues Tackled are:

  • Health and relationships
  • Coping with Chronic illness
  • A positive approach to terminal diagnosis
  • Work / Family balance
  • Parenting
  • Anxiety / Stress / Motivation
  • Self-esteem
  • Labour / Pre and Post Birth Hypnotherapy for anxiety and or Birthing Trauma
  • Alopaecia