The Holistic Practice Hampshire

I am on maternity leave and therefore not taking any patients till June 2017

Based in rural Hampshire just outside Petersfield, The Holistic Practice is a private practice encompassing the skills of many practitioners to provide a holistic approach to psychological health and well-being. Being Hampshire based, our practitioners do travel to undertake sessions and workshops covering a large part of the home counties

We take a wide view of the causes and effective approaches to psychological health , chronic illness and disability. By operating within a team of highly experienced practitioners with wide ranging skills and training we are able to facilitate an effective treatment programme specifically formulated for the needs of each individual.

The practice was set up in direct response to the needs of clients.  Many people who access our clinic seemed to feel there were multiple aspects of their psychology / recovery that had been lacking within previous therapy or NHS intervention in their past experience. Our aim is to provide patients with a positive future, governed by their own pro-active skill set and long-lasting coping strategies born out through our sessions.

Effective therapeutic intervention is, in my view, an individual who is able to manage life from a positive, measured platform – confident in their own psychological skill set, without the need to have constant or on-going sessions endlessly through their life-time.

Hannah Makin (founder).

The Holistics Practice

All sessions are totally confidential, and run at a pace to suit the individual.

The Holistics Practice

The session format is to have a clear goal and end point, in order to empower the patient and provide a focus.

The Holistics Practice

All our clients leave the practice without the need to continually return to guided therapy sessions.